Lawn Care Services in Vestavia Hills, AL

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Lawn Care Services in Vestavia Hills

Vestavia Hills, AL Lawn Care Services

Home and business owners in the Vestavia Hills area trust Mighty Green Lawn Care to ensure that their property’s lawn and turf is healthy and vibrant.

The lawn is often the first impression to guests and consumers when visiting your home or business. Therefore, it is important to trust its care to an experienced professional. Mighty Green Lawn Care provides services like weed and pest management, tree and shrub care, fertilization, turf management, and other lawn care services in Vestavia Hills and the rest of the Birmingham area. Typically, there is a combination of these treatments needed for the proper care of a lawn.

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Effective Lawn Treatment Company in Vestavia Hills, Alabama

We know that you have many choices when looking for a professional lawn care company in Vestavia Hills, AL. Mighty Green Lawn Care has years of experience in providing Vestavia Hills residents with quality care for their lawns. Make plans to speak with us about lawn treatment services and how we can help you achieve the lawn of your dreams.

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Weed Killer

Core Aeration

Disease & Fungus Control

Tree and Shrub Care

Sports Turf Management

*We do not offer lawn mowing service, sprinkler repair, tree trimming, general landscaping services or mulch installation.

Fertilizer lawn treatments are a must in building and maintaining a healthy lawn. Since the lawn is a living organism, it requires food, water and air to flourish. Nitrogen is a crucial element in keeping a lawn vibrant and green. Discuss your problem areas with a Mighty Green Lawn Care technician and let us develop a treatment plan for you.

Turf grasses need numerous nutrients for normal development and growth. Some of these nutrients are needed in large quantities, while others, only in small amounts. Therefore, it is important to talk to an experienced lawn care company like Mighty Green to tailor a plan to your lawn or turf’s specific needs.

Unsightly weeds are a headache to homeowners and can detract from the beauty of a lawn by causing inconsistency in the lawn’s texture and color. Both pre-emergent and post-emergent treatment plans can be performed to eradicate existing weeds and prevent the sprouting of future weeds. Our lawn care company can schedule these treatments at the best time so they can perform at their highest potential.

Pest management treatment services are crucial if you want to have a lawn that is healthy and lush. Mighty Green Lawn Care can design a pest control solution plan that will protect your lawn’s beauty and keep unwanted pests out.

Occasionally, soil can become compacted under your lawn. This prevents proper flow of air, water and nutrients. Lawn aeration services can solve this problem. One of our experienced technicians will use a machine to remove small plugs of grass which will create space for proper air flow. This is a must if you desire a healthy, green lawn.

Along with proper pruning and mulching, trees and shrubs also need specific nutrients and proper watering to thrive and grow. Property owners typically invest a significant amount of money into landscaping. Therefore, it is important to protect this investment as it is often the first thing guests notice when visiting a property. At Mighty Green, we offer a comprehensive tree and shrub treatment program based on your specific landscape’s needs.

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If you’re searching for an effective solution to keeping your lawn looking great and free of weeds and pests, the experienced professionals at Mighty Green Lawn Care would be happy to help! We have over 35 years of combined experience in the lawn industry and have perfected our lawn treatment services to ensure your grass, plants, and shrubs stay healthy throughout the year.

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