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Core Aeration

Birmingham Lawn Aerator Services

Residents in Birmingham and surrounding areas can trust Mighty Green for quality Core Aeration for their lawns.

Lawn aeration is a process in which we remove small plugs of soil and thatch from the ground to improve air flow into the soil. Commonly called “core aeration” by industry professionals, this service improves the health of your lawn and lessens the need for maintenance throughout the year. Some of the main benefits of aeration are:

  • Air exchange between the atmosphere and soil
  • Increased water absorption
  • Enhanced fertilizer uptake
  • Less water pooling and runoff
  • Stronger root system
  • Less soil compaction
  • Higher tolerance to heat and drought
  • Better resiliency and cushion
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Why does my lawn need aeration?

While all of these benefits sound great, you’re still probably wondering, “Why does my lawn need aeration?” Walking, mowing, playing, rain, and irrigation all play a role in soil compaction, especially in the top 1-1 1/2 inches of soil. When the soil is compacted, the grass is unable to establish a healthy root system and it is difficult for water and fertilizer to reach the roots.

With compacted soil, turf grass grows very slowly or not at all, becomes thin and sparse, and lacks resiliency. Our core aeration service will remove small cores or plugs of soil to improve the depth of the root system and essentially save you money on your water bills. Aeration also helps reduce thatch accumulation, which also prevents water, fertilizer, and pesticides from being effective. The process helps to combine the soil with the thatch debris, making it easier for the soil organisms to break down the thatch and limit accumulation.

What you should expect with lawn aeration services

  • Your lawn will be covered in small plugs of soil that will break apart and disappear within a couple of weeks.
  • In 7 to 10 days the holes will fill with white roots, which is a sign that the grass is getting the extra oxygen, nutrients, and moisture from the soil.
  • If your soil was extremely compacted or your lawn is sloped, you will see an immediate reduction in water pooling and runoff.
  • Your lawn will be able to go longer between watering without showing any signs of wilting.

Give Mighty Green Lawn Care a call today or fill out our contact form to schedule lawn aeration services in Birmingham. Most lawns will benefit from this service when performed annually, resulting in less maintenance, fewer pests, and more resiliency.

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Core Aeration

Most residential lawns only need to be aerated once a year, but lawns that are used heavily or are growing on heavy clay may need aeration twice a year. Commercial properties like golf fairways and sports turf may need aeration up to five times per year depending on how much activity they see.

The most common types of grass in Alabama are bermudagrass and zoysiagrass, which are warm season turf grasses. They should be aerated mid-spring to summer, not until after the first spring mowing. It is best to avoid aerating these grasses when they are dormant because it may encourage weed growth. Your lawn should be aerated before applying pre-emergent herbicides so that the application can form a chemical barrier to prevent weeds from germinating. After aeration is complete, fertilizer should be applied and the lawn should be watered.

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