Lawn Care Services in Hoover, AL

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Lawn Care Services in Hoover, AL

Lawn Care Hoover AL

If you live or work in the city of Hoover and are looking for a reliable lawn service, you are in the right place!

Mighty Green Lawn Care has been providing effective and affordable lawn care services in Hoover AL for over 10 years. We have over 35 years of experience in the lawn business and have carefully developed lawn treatments that not only improve the health of the grass and plants, but also make them look vibrant and beautiful.

As a property owner, you know how important it is to maintain your turf, but you might not always want to spend the time and effort doing it. That’s where we step in. Our experienced technicians will create an individualized treatment plan for your yard or commercial property to eliminate weeds, promote growth, and keep your grass looking like the thick green carpet you always see in photographs.

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Effective & Affordable Lawn Treatment Company in Hoover, Alabama

Residents and business owners of Hoover take great pride in their community. At Mighty Green Lawn Care, we want to help make Hoover beautiful, one yard at a time. We send the same technician to your property each time so you receive consistent, personalized service. Customer satisfaction is our main goal, so we won’t let you down when it comes to a healthy, beautiful lawn! ​We offer a wide range of lawn services in Hoover, AL that promote health and growth:

lawn care employee spraying a lawn


image of dandelions

Weed Killer

Core Aeration

Disease & Fungus Control

Tree and Shrub Care

Sports Turf Management

If you’re interested in having a beautiful, picturesque lawn without having to do all of the work, fill out our contact form or give us a call to discuss your lawn’s needs. We offer free estimates! Be sure to ask how you can receive your first application for free!

*We do not offer lawn mowing service, sprinkler repair, tree trimming, general landscaping services or mulch installation.

Save yourself time and money by calling Mighty Green Lawn Care to handle your lawn care needs.

We will be able to determine what types of fertilizer your lawn, trees, and plants need, how much and when to apply it, what types of weeds you have and how to eliminate them, how to prevent future weeds, how to eliminate pests like fire ants, and how to ensure your grass stays healthy and vibrant. Then you can spend your free time doing all the things you love. Give us a call or fill out our contact form for a free estimate!

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