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Lawn Pest Control Services with Mighty Green Lawn Care

Protect your Alabama lawn from damaging insects with our professional pest control and lawn care services.

With over 35 years of experience providing lawn care in Birmingham and surrounding areas, we know what it takes to maintain a beautiful lawn. Our job doesn’t stop at fertilization and weed control. That’s why our lawn treatments come with the peace of mind of knowing we can monitor and identify a lawn pest problem when we see one. Our knowledgeable lawn care specialists are equipped to handle damaging insects like lawn grubs, armyworms, spittlebugs, chinch bugs, and more. Outstanding customer care and protecting the health of your Alabama lawn is our main concern. Contact us today to get a quote for services!

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How Does Lawn Pest Control Work?

In Birmingham, lawn pests can pop up out of nowhere and it’s important to act fast. Our lawn care technicians know all the signs of a pest infestation and we’re here to help! When you enroll in our lawn care service, you can rest assured knowing you have professional eyes on your lawn regularly to monitor the health and appearance of your grass. If you have a pest problem, we’ll apply the necessary pest control treatment to eliminate the threat and stop the damage in its tracks.

Common Lawn Pests in Alabama

It’s also important to remember that not all types of pests in your lawn are cause for concern. At Mighty Green, lawn health is our top priority so we focus our pest control services on insects that can harm your grass. Common lawn pests in Alabama that can be a danger to your lawn include armyworms, chinch bugs, spittlebugs, or white grubs. If you’re dealing with household pests like spiders, termites, or fleas and ticks, we recommend consulting a company specializing in those pest control solutions. Our lawn care services are designed to maintain a healthy, green lawn so you can enjoy your outdoor space. If you have any questions about your pest control needs, we’re here to help! Contact us today to get a quote.

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Birmingham Fire Ant Control

Mighty Green can help protect you and your family from painful fire ant bites all season long. Nothing ruins summer fun in the Alabama sun like accidentally stepping on a fire ant mound. You shouldn’t have to watch where you step while you mow the lawn or kids play in the sprinklers. Fire ant bites are painful, itchy, and sometimes dangerous in excessive amounts, especially in cases of being allergic. Colonies of unwelcome fire ants can be a thing of the past with Mighty Green Lawn Care’s fire ant control treatment plans. Our approach provides peace of mind and continued protection through multiple applications at the ideal time of the year. We attack fire ants when they are most active to eliminate mounds from staking claim in your Alabama lawn.

What to Expect from our Fire Ant Control Treatment Plan

Mighty Green’s fire ant treatment plan includes two seasonal applications that are strategically timed during peak fire ant activity. Our lawn care specialists will visit your lawn for a spring and fall application to examine your property, diagnose any areas of concern, and apply a seasonal fire ant control to get rid of any active mounds around your home. If you have any returning visitors throughout the summer, simply contact our team for a follow-up service call. When it comes to pest control solutions, Mighty Green is here to help protect your lawn and your family! Contact us today for pricing.

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The Best Lawn Care Services in the Birmingham Area

Mighty Green Lawn Care is the local lawn care company homeowners can trust to maintain a healthy, green lawn.

If you’re looking for reliable, professional lawn & pest control services, give our team a call today. Our skilled lawn care team will provide personalized customer service and attention to detail when caring for your lawn. We offer lawn treatment services to meet all of your lawn care needs, including weed control and fertilization, core aeration, tree and shrub care, lawn disease control, and lawn pest services in the Birmingham area. With years of experience, we proudly service Birmingham, Trussville, Montgomery, Hoover, Alabaster, and surrounding areas. Contact us today to get a free quote!

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