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Birmingham Tree & Shrub Services

Mighty Green Lawn Care not only offers turf services, but plant and shrub care services in Birmingham as well.

Our goal is to keep your plants healthy and beautiful throughout the year. Landscaping is a big investment, so protecting it from disease and pests is very important. Our expert lawn care technicians are very knowledgeable about trees and plants native to Alabama and will help ensure they are in the best shape possible. Our tree and shrub care maintenance program includes:

  • An overall evaluation of the health of your trees, plants, and shrubs
  • Treatments for disease
  • Treatments for various insects and pests
  • Fertilization and nutrient applications
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When trees and shrubs are healthy, they are more resistant to disease and pests.

You can’t always tell if your plants are healthy by looking at the foliage, so it’s best to contact a reliable lawn care company to investigate further. If they aren’t getting the correct nutrients or the soil pH levels aren’t where they should be, your trees and shrubs will suffer. Most people don’t put much thought into their trees and shrubs and just focus on their grass, assuming that the plants will just take care of themselves. This is not the case, however, especially in a residential or commercial area. At Mighty Green Lawn Care, our specialized injections and root feeding services will ensure that your trees and shrubs stay healthy and strong so you don’t have to worry about replacing them.

Attractive and well-maintained landscaping enhances the beauty of your property and increases its value. Whether you’ve recently purchased ornamental plants and trees for your property or they have been there for a long time, it’s important to protect them from diseases, pesky insects, and harsh weather conditions. They need nourishment and care just like any other big investment in your life. We will monitor your trees, plants, and shrubs throughout the year for any signs of disease or insects and we stay on top of any conditions in the area that may cause harm or damage to your plants. We will determine the best mix of fertilizers and nutrients to keep them thriving all year long. Contact us today!

Tree and Shrub Care Program in Birmingham, AL

From the early spring months to the late fall months, our certified lawn care technicians will:

  • Examine your plants and determine the best course of action for their health
  • Perform individualized treatment plans depending on what condition your trees and shrubs are in
  • Perform preventive treatments throughout the year to ward off diseases and pests

Our expert care for your valuable plants will ensure that they stay vibrant and healthy for years to come. We also provide winter protection treatments for those plants that may be affected by the harsh cold we sometimes see here in Alabama. Contact Mighty Green Lawn Care for a free estimate or to schedule a consultation to discuss the proper way to care for your entire property, trees and shrubs included!​

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