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Customized Lawn Care Services

Birmingham’s Lawn Care Specialists

When looking for a lawn care service in Birmingham, you’re probably looking for a company that will deliver:

  • Healthy and vibrant green grass, plants, and trees
  • Friendly and knowledgeable lawn care professionals
  • Consistent results year after year
  • A lawn that is free of weeds, vegetation, and pests
  • A focus on customer satisfaction

At Mighty Green Lawn Care, we are committed to all of the above, and then some! Our lawn care services in Birmingham and the surrounding areas will keep your lawn or commercial property in great condition year round. Our carefully designed treatment programs aim to address every component of your lawn’s health needs to encourage growth and prevent disease.

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Lawn Care You Can Depend On!

The Best of the Best Lawn Care Companies in Birmingham

Give Mighty Green Lawn Care the responsibility of maintaining a healthy and beautiful lawn for you so you can spend your free time doing all of the other things you’d like to be doing. Combined with some of the other services we offer, our lawn care treatment plans will ensure that your yard is in the best shape possible.

Some of our most popular lawn care services include:

  • Fertilization​
  • Disease and fungus control
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Lawn Fertilization

Proper lawn fertilization has the biggest impact on the color and vivacity of your grass, the keyword being “proper”. Various factors including the type of grass, soil quality, and climate all play a role in what type of fertilization your lawn needs. At Mighty Green Lawn Care, we are experts at determining the correct mix of nutrients your lawn needs to thrive. We will customize a plan specific to your lawn to ensure it gets the right fertilizers at the right times to promote lush, green growth.

When your lawn receives proper fertilization, it is more resistant to weed growth, drought, and disease. A healthy lawn also helps the environment by producing more oxygen, cooling the air, and absorbing dust. Contact Mighty Green Lawn Care for the most reliable lawn fertilization service in Birmingham.

Disease & Fungus Control

Your lawn can be infected by fungal diseases during warm weather. Some of the most common diseases found in Alabama are: brown patch, dollar spot, Zoysia patch, and pythium blight. Turf diseases can be difficult to spot and diagnose, so it is best to rely on the professionals at Mighty Green Lawn Care to determine what type of disease your lawn has been infected by, how to treat it, and how to prevent future disease problems.

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