Lawn Care Services in Mountain Brook, AL

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Mountain Brook Lawn Care

When it comes to lawn care services in Mountain Brook, residents trust Mighty Green Lawn Care with the care of their outdoor spaces.

Mountain Brook, right outside of Birmingham, is known for its big city culture and small-town charm. Nestled along mountains and small suburbs, residents and visitors can enjoy top of the line shopping, and an afternoon of beautiful nature while driving through its hills.

Whether tree and shrub care or turf management for a sports field, Mighty Green has a variety of services to offer. And, with many years’ experience, Mighty Green has a reputation of integrity and quality care.

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Effective Lawn Treatment Service in Mountain Brook

When you partner with Mighty Green, your lawn or commercial property will flourish. We will develop a personalized treatment plan to tackle any problem areas, prevent future weed and vegetation growth, and foster the health and growth of your turf, trees, and shrubs.

Call us today to request a free estimate on all of our lawn care services at (205) 290-1999.

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Weed Killer

Core Aeration

Disease & Fungus Control

Tree and Shrub Care

Sports Turf Management

*We do not offer lawn mowing service, sprinkler repair, tree trimming, general landscaping services or mulch installation.

Aeration services are the foundation of a thriving lawn. Without proper air and water flow, the lawn will become dry and sparse. Ground can also become compacted beneath your lawn without proper air flow. Talk to a professional about how aeration services can help your lawn or turf.

A beautiful lawn can add curb appeal and value to a home or property. One of the key ingredients for a lush, green lawn is fertilization. Grass and turf require nitrogen and other nutrients to flourish. A professional lawn care company can come to your property and analyze your turf and make recommendations that will optimize your lawn’s potential.

When it comes to turf grass management, Mighty Green has years of experience with local schools and sports facilities. We work to improve turf density, appearance, and resiliency, which creates a smooth and safe playing field for activities.

Pests can destroy a lawn’s beauty quickly. Whether you have recently seen pests in your grass, or want to prevent future outbreaks, make plans to talk with someone from a reliable company about preventative treatments that will both eradicate and prevent further damage to your lawn by pests.

Healthy trees and shrubs can add beauty and shade to a home or property. But, without proper care, they will not flourish. A properly scheduled treatment of fertilizer and pest and weed management treatments can ensure that your landscape investment is protected.

Weeds can detract from the beauty of the lawn with their contrasting textures and color. Also, over time, as grass competes against weeds for water and nutrients, thinning can occur in the lawn. Ideally, the best way to prevent weeds is to treat the lawn before they ever occur. However, a quality lawn care company like Mighty Green Lawn Care can treat your lawn both strategically and preventatively against weeds.

Maintaining a healthy, thick lawn can be a challenge to the homeowner, but, finding a reputable lawn care company in the Mountain Brook area won’t be a challenge. Mighty Green Lawn Care has years of experience providing quality lawn treatment services. There are so many benefits to hiring a professional company to care for your lawn. The greatest benefit is that time that would have been spent working outside and maintaining your lawn or turf, can be spent with the people you love, doing the things that you love to do!!

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