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Many home and business owners feel overwhelmed when trying to determine the best lawn care service for their needs. After searching through the internet and telephone books, one will realize that the market is saturated with professional lawn care service companies. However, there are tools available and questions one can ask to help decide which companies are trust worthy and efficient.

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Firstly, does the lawn care service has a positive reputation? There are many businesses who seem to want to make a quick dollar, instead of committing to long term care for their clients. Services like the Better Business Bureau and Angie’s List can give feedback from other homeowners who have used the company’s services in the past. However, the best source of customer review is found through friends and family. One can simply share a post looking for recommendations or input from others, and get overwhelming response.

Getting a lawn service company that is licensed and insured is the second most important aspect in hiring someone to look after your lawn. The company needs to be covered with insurance in case a worker is injured on the property. If there is no insurance coverage, the home owner becomes open to legal liability. Secondly, insurance will cover any damage that may occur during your lawn’s care, like rocks that may be dispelled through mowing and weed eating. They may easily cause damage to windows and automobiles which can have significant cost to repair.

Outstanding customer service is crucial to have an optimal relationship with your lawn care service. Typically, one would know the level of professionalism by the initial consult. The lawn care company sends a technician to your home to analyze the lawn and outdoor space, listen to your needs and concerns, and then share treatment and care options that may benefit your lawn. Many times, by this encounter alone, the homeowner can make the decision as to whether to move forward with a contract .With just a little research, homeowners can easily find the best lawn care service available in the area.

At Mighty Green Lawn Care, we pride ourselves on our commitment to quality lawn care services. We want to ensure consistency in your experience with us so we send the same technician to your home every time. They become very familiar with your individual lawn or commercial property and take ownership in the care and treatment of it so it always looks its best. Call us now or fill out our contact form to request an estimate and learn about what your lawn needs to look and feel healthy, all year long.