Birmingham Lawn Maintenance Services

Since it’s the time of year when families enjoy spending time together outdoors, it may be beneficial to reach out and ask a professional lawn care company about their lawn maintenance services. With warmer temperatures, turf grass grows much more quickly and will need regularly schedule mowing, weed eating, edging, and other services. Many homeowners find the task of keeping the lawn in top shape quite time consuming and would rather put the care of their outdoor spaces into the hands of professionals.

In addition to the maintenance services above, many companies provide extended services including treatments, over seeding, and irrigation. Some of the most widely used treatment services are fertilization, weed control, and pest management. These services are almost mandatory for protecting your lawn from damage that can detract from the beauty of a lush turf. Most homeowners who employ the help of a professional lawn care team find it a worthy investment.

Tree and shrub treatment and maintenance can provide a great deal of curb appeal to your home. Typically, tree and shrub service ensures that your plants are thriving by proper pruning and fertilization. Also, a periodic treatment to avoid disease and pest invasion, will prevent damage to your trees and shrubs. This will prevent loss of property and investment in the future, as replacing mature trees and shrubs will often cause an interruption in the consistency of the landscape, as well as increase the amount that the homeowner must spend on landscape.

Reach out today and talk to a licensed professional about their lawn maintenance services. Usually, a technician will come to your home within a few days to discuss the services they offer, as well as do a complete analysis of the lawn to determine which services you need and offer treatment solutions for any existing issues.

Mighty Green Lawn Care is the leading company for lawn care services in Birmingham and surrounding areas including Mountain Brook, Homewood, Vestavia Hills, Hoover, Trussville, Pelham, Leeds, Pell City, and many more. Our technicians will do a complete analysis of your grass, soil, plants, and trees and create an individualized treatment plan to ensure your lawn is getting what it needs in regards to nutrients. We offer pre-emergent and post-emergent weed killer treatments so you’ll never have to bend over and pick another weed again! Tired of tiptoeing around ant beds or scratching your legs from all the mosquitoes? We offer lawn pest control treatments to keep you as comfortable as possible while you’re enjoying your outdoor space. We’d love to help you turn your lackluster lawn into a beautiful landscape that the whole neighborhood will be envious of! Give us a call today to request a free estimate!