Lawn Care Services in Birmingham AL

Did you know that beautiful landscaping and a lush lawn add significant value to your property? Your lawn is as individual as you are. To ensure that you have curb appeal and the lawn and outdoor space you desire, it makes sense to put the care and maintenance of your lawn into the hands of some experienced specialists who offer a wide range of lawn care services.

A lawn specialist knows what your lawn needs in advance for every season and how to resolve any problems that arise. Regularly scheduled treatments, like fertilizing, weed and pest control, and care of trees and shrubs by a professional, will give you time to enjoy being outside with friends and family.

Fertilization provides essential nutrients and balanced soil which are the foundation for a healthy lawn. A regularly scheduled treatment of weed and pest control encourages the growth of new and existing grass, while providing a shield against disease and those unwanted pests that can quickly transform a beautiful lawn into a sparse or barren area. When your lawn is unhealthy, it is difficult for it to fight off disease and pests. Periodic treatments and maintenance of trees and shrubs can promote growth, ensure that they are growing at the optimum level in the correct location with good form and compliment the plant’s overall health.

Covering the essentials of lawn care and maintenance promotes a healthy, weed-free lawn. And, it will need ongoing attention to stay healthy. Lawn care is a science. A professional company provides the knowledge and expert service to tailor a plan that will guarantee your lawn gets the care it needs in order to thrive.

Instead of spending your leisure time struggling to keep your lawn and outdoor living areas at their full potential, consider calling a reliable lawn care company like Mighty Green Lawn Care. Our professionals will develop a plan that fits your lawn’s specific needs. Instead of spending all of your spare time trying to determine which fertilizers to use and when to apply them, and even risking the chance that you can cause more damage to your lawn than good, leave it up to the experienced technicians at Mighty Green. Contact us now for a free estimate!

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