Lawn Pest Control

Outdoor Pest Control Services in Birmingham AL

A professional lawn care company typically provides outdoor pest control services that will protect your lawn from unwanted damage caused by insects and other outdoor pests. Outdoor pest control can act as a barrier to prevent uninvited visitors that would otherwise make it into your home.

A pest control technician from a reputable company will know how to effectively apply pesticides which lowers the risk of inhalation of chemicals or chemical burns. Along with liquid application, many companies use baited traps which target specific problem pests.

Many outdoor pests can find their way into the home through small holes around plumbing, foundations, windows, and doors. Many times, preventative measures can be taken to keep this from happening. Caulking holes around plumbing and fixtures, closing gaps around windows and doors and sealing crawlspaces will minimize the number of pests entering the home. The homeowner can work in conjunction with the professional lawn care service company to make the lawn and outdoor spaces less attractive to pests. Sealing garbage cans properly and removing any receptacles that collect water will cut back significantly on pests like mosquitos. Keeping grass, trees and shrubs properly trimmed can also aid in preventing pests.

An outdoor pest control service plan is the way to go whether you want to take preventative measures to ensure minimum pest infiltration, or already have a pest problem outside the home. A professional lawn care company will have years of experience in this field which takes the guesswork out of pest prevention. Many of these companies provide services to both residential and commercial customers. The cost of outdoor pest control service is typically determined by the size of your lawn and the variety of pest present.

Calling a professional to address your pest control needs is really the first step to a healthy lawn. Technicians will meet with you, access the lawn, discuss your needs, and then provide a treatment plan that works for your property. Put your lawn in the hands of a professional today. Then, sit back and enjoy the lawn of your dreams.

Mighty Green Lawn Care offers outdoor pest control services to help guard from ants, fleas, ticks, mosquitoes, army worms, and other unwanted pests. If you’re tired of having to swat away bugs, avoid stepping on ant beds, or seeing your lawn being damaged by any type of pest, request a free estimate today. We’d love to help you take back your lawn!